About me

Hey there. I develop for Android for a living. Fortunately, It’s also something I’m really passionate about.

At the time of writing this, I’ve been developing for Android for around 4 years now and I think I’m 5 on an exponential scale of 1 – JakeWharton.

I suffer from a high level of OCD and you can occasionally find me testing if adding a duration of 25ms makes an animation look better. I will also always strive for perfection, especially when it comes to UX.

I can be contacted at sup@saket.me.

My Setup

Keyboard: TVS Gold
Mouse: Logitech G402
Earphones: Sennheiser CX 275S
Desktop: 5K iMac (perks of working at Uncommon).
Phone: I own a Moto G3 and a dying Nexus 4. At the time of writing this (3rd Sept, 2016), I’m really waiting for the next Nexus Pixel phone to be released.

Apps I use on macOS

I cannot live without,

  • 1Password: Lets me log onto websites with 1-tap and saves me the effort of remembering my account details on countless websites. It also supports 2-factor authentication, which is fantastic. Worth every single penny rupee.
  • ClipMenu, for maintaining clipboard history. Not the best one out there, but does the job.
  • Slack for communicating with team-mates, BlrDroid and other communities. Screenhero, for painless screen sharing with clients and friends.
  • Spotify, for its excellent music discovery engine. I use TunnelBear’s proxy for logging into Spotify because it’s unavailable in India.


iTerm2 (along with oh-my-zsh) as my preferred terminal, Dropbox for file backups, Drop to Gif for creating GIFs, Free Download Manager for download files and torrents (educational content only, of course), Sip for picking colors, F.lux for my eyes, Sublime Text for quickly editing code, iA Writer for writing everything else and BetterTouchTools for mapping keyboard shortcuts (media playback, for example).

Apps I use on Android

  • Google Photos, because it has entirely changed the way how I manage photos. It’s also a beautifully made app.
  • Walnut, because manual expense keeping is difficult. After an initial few days of manual configuration, it runs entirely on its own and records my expenses automatically.
  • Dunzo, for getting tasks done that I don’t have time for.
  • Solid Explorer for file management.


Pocket for reading saved articles, PushBullet for pushing links from desktop to my phone, Flud for torrents, LoaderDroid for downloading files, Poweramp for local music, Telecine for recording screencasts, Twilight for eyes and Sleep as Android for alarms.