I’m creating yet another Reddit app

Over the past 16 months, I’ve been working on Dank, a Reddit app for Android as my side project. I know what you’re thinking — another Reddit app? Don’t we have enough already? Sure. There are already a brazilian number of apps out there with Sync, Boost, Relay, Slide and reddit-is-fun being the most popularly used ones.

(The official app is so bad, I’m not even counting it.)

So why am I doing this?

First, working on side projects help me explore Android. The kind of companies uncommon works usually have a large userbase, forcing them to take conservative design decisions for the average user.

Second, After wasting effort on a couple of failed side projects, I have realised that I can only create something I will personally want to use. Considering that I’ve been wasting my time watching cat videos actively participating in high-quality discussions on Reddit for 7 years now, this felt like a good idea.

Third, As a developer who really enjoys creating for Android, I feel that the existing Reddit apps could be more inspiring. They seem to have stagnated in terms of user experience. They all look and feel similar. Their interactions are similar. Even their inconsistencies in UX are similar.

I think I can offer something different with Dank. It is almost ready for v1-beta, but its typography needs to be improved before it can be pushed to the Play Store. I will publish another blog post once that is done. For now, all I can tell you is that Dank,

  • is primarily gesture driven.
  • does not have more settings than Android itself in the name of customizability.
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Update: The app is live.

I’d also like to make it clear that I’m not aiming to compete with the existing apps in terms of feature. For a website that looks so simple, Reddit actually has a pretty large feature set and the creators of Relay (u/DBrady) and Sync (u/ljdawson) have done a fantastic job on offering covering them. I don’t think I’m going to be able to catch-up any time soon. But what I am sure is that I can offer a fresh experience.